multiple artist  

Inuit-Tafel kleinThat’s right, you expose yourself, if working on different and perhaps largely distanced fields of their own typ of specialization, to a certain suspicion: dabbler!—There is only one cure: laughing back.

Since the 1980s I am making Multiples. The editions do count from a view copies upto some hundert objects of a series (on the right of the foto left: »Die Länge der Temperatur« / »Length of Temperature«). Most of my Multiples deal a lot with language and written word, borderland of my literary experiments—as vice versa my art narrations tend to take into account aspects and figures from the art scene.—The suspicion from above could very well be annulled by associating the seamingly seperated fields.

See some of my Multiples

Fassen wir einmal zusammen: Multiple (Let’s summarize it: Multiple is)

The Collection dielmannDie öffentliche Hand (»Public Hand«)